• Major Benefits of Using Steel and Iron Handrails in Your Home

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    Handrails are a must for your stairs. They give support for going up and down the steps, and prevent falls by containing accidental slips. With continuous innovation in home décor designs and products, handrails are now available in a variety of materials and moulds. Wooden handrails, however, continue to be popular despite other options, and while they do look beautiful, they don’t quite have what it takes in the long run. Iron and steel are far superior options. Following are some of the benefits of choosing them over other types of handrails.


    While handrails can be, and often are, artistically done, their primary purpose is to provide support and protection. This means that first and foremost they have to be sturdy. Both iron and stainless steel happen to be the best options in this regard.


    Iron and steel are also the most durable of handrail options today. Combined with their strength, this longevity makes them the most popular choice.

    Steel is completely water-resistant and can stand wear and tear forever, unlike wood which has to be replaced every two decades or so. If you are looking at a long-term investment you are better off purchasing iron and steel handrails for your home. Give the iron handrails the paint of your choice to keep from rusting and it will serve you for ages.


    Wrought iron is extremely versatile. It can be cast in delicate designs but without compromising on its strength. Wood, on the other hand, is strengthened by heavy and bulky designs. Iron can be lean and strong, wood cannot. Stainless steel is even more versatile, hence the most popular choice for handrails in the UK. Given the range of designs available for steel handrails, you are sure to find whatever you maybe are looking for.

    Modern, minimalistic looks

    The ultra-modern and minimalistic appearance of stainless steel handrails make them a perfect fit for contemporary home décor. Wrought iron, for its part, is one of the few metals that can look periodic as well as ultramodern, while steel makes no pretense to an old-world look. Between the two of these, all your design requirements can be efficiently taken care of.

    Easy to clean and maintain

    Due to their lean structures, both iron and stainless steel handrails are easy to clean, which means you can include them in your weekly cleaning routine. Steel is the easier of the two to clean and remains forever lustrous. Being immune to moisture, unlike wood, steel remains bacteria-free, which makes it a hygienic option, too. If the polish or paint on your iron railings is coming off, exposing them to moisture, a simple repainting DIY job will fix the problem.

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