• Considerations For Anyone Who Would Like To Volunteer Abroad

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    If you are thinking about seeing the world and doing something worthwhile and rewarding at the same time, why not consider voluntary work abroad? There are many NGOs all over the world that could use someone with your skills, knowledge and experience for their project. You will gain valuable skills that will be great for your CV and also give something back when you volunteer abroad.

    Most NGOs take on volunteers, but they are very likely to match your skills and knowledge with a particular voluntary position within the organization. Many English people find that they are place in English teaching jobs as speaking English is a very valuable skill for many people in developing countries. However, there are many other positions that you may be able to get, especially if you have sought after skills.

    Organizations such as Voluntary Services Oversees are a very good place to start looking for voluntary work. They have contacts with thousands of NGOs around the world and will be able to place you according to your desires and skills. You may also find that your airfare is covered.

    You can also contact NGOs directly, but bare in mind that although the majority of NGOs are legitimate some are not. It pays to do some research and get some advice before contacting NGOs directly. For example there have been NGOs in Cambodia that have exploited children by setting up orphanages that became tourist attractions. This created a problems with the local communities.

    It is not always easy to get the voluntary position that you are hoping for. There is quite a lot of competition for the best voluntary jobs, and NGOs get contacted by many people all the time. It is important to remember that the skills you have are the ones that NGOs will want to utilize.

    However you may find that once to get your foot in the door with an NGO, even if you are not doing your dream job other opportunities may well open up. Especially if you prove to be an asset to the organization.

    Of course it is quite possible to just go travelling and turn at an NGO headquarters and ask to volunteer. This may be a successful approach but some NGOS are less legitimate and some are even money making enterprises. In Cambodia there was a lot of dodgy NGOs in the country but fortunately an organization called CONCERT began working closely with legitimate NGOs. Organizations like CONCERT are a great way to learn more about volunteering and they can also help find you a placement.

    So if you have sought after knowledge, skills and experience you should have no problem finding a volunteer placement overseas. You may not get that perfect job but you will find that by becoming a volunteer abroad and working hard you will be able to increase your skills and maybe move on within the organization, and even get a fantastic career.

    You can get all the essential info on how to volunteer abroad instantly via the Web! If you have any questions or need advice on becoming an intern abroad, check out our recommended homepage http://www.crosscontinental.org now.

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