• Know the Different Types of Wallets to Pick the Right Wallet for your Needs

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    There are some people who have this erroneous belief that they don’t have much choice in the ‘types’ of wallets and all they have is a choice of various designs, materials or color. The fact of the matter is there are different types of wallets that you can choose from. First, you will need to identify what you want the wallet for, and then go about choosing the kind of wallet that will satisfy your needs.

    In order to pick the right wallet, you will need to know the different types of wallets available on the market. So, let’s take a look:

    • The Bi-Fold Wallet

    These wallets are the most popularly used wallets and can be identified by their single fold, meaning that they can just be folded over once. Typically, made with leather, you can still find plenty of bi-fold wallets made from cotton or polyester as well. They are the oldest types of wallets going around and their style is practically ageless. Most people choose these wallets over others because they are compact and fit into most standard pocket sizes.

    • The Tri-Fold Wallet

    This is a wallet that folds over two times and carrying it can be a very bulky experience. Popular amongst the younger audience, it can hold only a limited number of cards and cash. There is also usually no designated space for stuffing your change. It’s not that these wallets don’t look good, but these definitely are not the popular wallets going around. They can be used by both men and women and they are commonly made from nylon. If you have decided to pick a tri fold wallet, it will be a good idea to choose one that is embossed with graphics. Such wallets have good visual appeal.

    • The Checkbook Wallet

    As the name suggests, it’s a wallet that is used for holding larger documents like checks. But you can even keep your airline tickets or your passport in it. Most checkbook wallets can also be used as travel wallets, and what’s more, many of them also offer credit cards slots. So it has multiple uses, but you can’t use it as traditional wallet. That’s because it doesn’t fit in easily in the back pocket of your pants and the best place to keep it would be the inside pockets of your coat or jackets. That’s why people don’t use it as a general wallet.

    • The Card Holder Wallet

    This is only meant for storing cards. It’s a wallet that is sleek and is a ‘one function’ wallet. It only stores cards and nothing else. So, its functional value is very limited. It’s typically used by people who have a lot of cards and go through life swiping their cards only and not using a lot of cash. But, it’s also used by people whose traditional bi-fold wallet doesn’t give them enough space to carry all their cards. It’s usually produced in leather and its small size means it can fit perfectly inside any pocket.

    End Words

    Once you have got an idea of the various types of wallets available on the market, you can pick the kind of wallet that will suit all your needs and requirements. Most reputed sellers like Bad Mother Fucker Wallet offer wallet choices cutting across different types. So, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Focusing on the type of wallet and then taking a look at its design will ensure you don’t make a wrong decision regarding your choice of wallet.

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