• Wind: Light LEDs, Charge a Cell Phone



    Almost two years ago, EWB's ATDT started a project with AIDG down in Guatemala. Our task: to design an affordable (less than $100) wind turbine capable of generating 15W of electricity. Just enough to charge a cell phone, power LED lighting for night use, play a small radio, etc. Not much for us, but a luxury for people around the world without electricity. The design has to be manufacturable within the walls of Xela Teco, a micro-manufacturing facility established by AIDG in Quetzaltenango. Our current solution -- a vertical axis pico-turbine constructed of electrical conduit, canvas, steel tubing, and bicycle gears. With that said, the turbine is not fully optimized and is still in the design phase. But thanks to article's like Alexis Madrigal's in WIRED.com and MakerFaire, we've attracted more volunteers and fresh brain power to keep the project going strong.

    Today was a few hours of testing out at Candlestick Park -- measuring torque, rpm, and..... wind speed. Except that I forgot the anemometer. A finger in the wind test suggested between 10-15mph winds, which is our target average wind speed. Test results still to come.

    AIDG did put together a great videoabout the Wind Turbine with Heather and Tyler were visiting Guatemala in April. More turbine blogging to come...

  • Now you need a good bussines model, read to prahalad and the base of pyramid model and search a good strategic designer profesinal (see index conquest from one else).



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