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    Research The Avanti Group's mandate is essentially to find and refer to our corporate clients those investment instruments which following our review of their credentials, we believe to be undervalued, and have high share holder value. This we do for our stock brokerages, fund managers, and similar corporate clients, who per year commission The Avanti Group to undertake on average 500-600 research contracts. Each year as a result of the research data we collect and analyse we are usually able to give a confident recommendation on at least one in every hundred companies we are commissioned to review. As we review so many companies each year we're then left well informed in terms of which stocks to enter into, and which stocks will become counterproductive and must be exited. In this way, through our hard work, and due diligence we cannot achieve a success rate of one hundred percent; but we ensure we are ahead of the wider investment community and over the long term we are generating strong profits for our clients, which is why they choose The Avanti Group year after year. Once our analysts have collated sufficient data for our statistical inferences to be meaningful, the process of performing proprietary analyses begins, which is both what separates The Avanti Group from similar research houses, and makes our information more reliable. As an equity research house its our job to identify not only the trends in the market place that our traders need to be aware of, but also the risk factors associated with any potential investment.

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