• Hippo Roller Arrives Stateside



    Yesterday the Hippo Roller arrived in Mountain View after a several week journey from Johannesburg, South Africa. We immediately took her out for a spin at Shoreline Park.

    The Hippo Roller is a 90L barrel-like water transport product. It's manufactured in South Africa and distributed to local communities. Women and children use them to collect water -- their alternative is a jerrycan or 5-gal bucket. Needless to say, the Hippo volume and transportability far outweighs both options. When you have to walk 4km to get your water for the day, I'd also appreciate something that rolls. The Hippo is very Flinstonian in appearance, and is simple to push on grass. Gravel is a completely different story. We struggled to get it up a small-grade hill... and... at one point, completely lost control of the Hippo altogether. Watched it break away from it's handle and roll uncontrollably back down the hill and splash into the water. This, however, was due to subtle misuse on our part.

    So what's it like being a South African woman using this product? I still have no idea... but it certainly made for a fun afternoon.

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