• Urban Fiber Flotsam at Conflux 2008

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Urban Fiber Flotsam at Conflux 2008 will take place over the course of several days as an exploration of the way that ‘free floating flotsam’ drifts on the streets and sidewalks of NYC. Collected materials might include unanchored litter, random street debris, historical documents, loose vegetation, lost personal artifacts, textile relics, and culinary ingredients – all gathered and spun by the artist into a single fiber that will unify the disparate nature of these mapping threads.

    On the final day of the project (in the public gardens near Conflux/HQ), the artist will create a crochet fiber piece out of spun and knotted ‘flotsam’ created during her psycho-geographic harvest in lower Manhattan.

    This proposed journey is scheduled to include the following locales: Ellis Island Museum, the ferry from Ellis Island to Battery Park, the NY Stock Exchange, World Trade Center Site Viewing Area, City Hall Park, Chinatown (textile garment region), Canal Street, Little Italy, The Sunshine Hotel (241 Bowery), the New Museum of Contemporary Art (cafe/lobby), Washington Square Park, and the Center for Architecture/Conflux HQ.

    Bouwerij, the old Dutch word for ‘farm’ (today, ‘bowery’), makes reference to ways that art farming or ‘harvesting’ might occur in urban zones beyond the usual contemporary greening strategies. In the same way that fiber and vegetation is integrally woven into the lives of dwellers in rural regions, Urban Fiber Flotsam will be a means to explore how the path of the ‘agricult wanderer’ gathers strength and reinforcement, and in turn meaning, via the dérive path.

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