• This Scrumptious Old Fashioned BBQ Sauce Will Make Your Summer Meals A Star

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    When summer comes and the evenings begin to lengthen again, thoughts often turn to dining outside with friends and family. A barbecue is a super way of spending time together while enjoying some great food. What can really help great food is some great condiment too, so rather than relying on shop bought items, why not try this recipe for old fashioned bbq sauce.

    To make the sauce, you will obviously need to have the right ingredients which make up the dish. For this sauce, start with around two tablespoons of decent olive oil, as well as two cloves of garlic and a medium, chopped onion. Two cups of homemade tomato sauce or ketchup makes the base of the sauce, along with half a cup of molasses, which should be unsulfured, plus around a quarter cup each of cider and Dijon mustard, and tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. A teaspoon of paprika and some salt and pepper provide the dish's seasoning.

    Heat the olive oil gently in a medium sized pan, using a gentle to medium heat, without it getting too hot. As the oil heats up, crush the two cloves of garlic and add them to the pan. After they have cooked for one or two minutes, and begun to colour, add the chopped onion, and cook for just over five minutes, until the onion has coloured and turned slightly translucent.

    Once the onion and garlic is soft and sufficiently cooked, add the remaining ingredients to the pan and stir them together. The mixture should be allowed to cook slowly on a medium heat, being stirred frequently to prevent it sticking to the bottom of the pan. Taste as it cooks and adjust seasoning accordingly by adding salt and pepper to suit.

    Once the sauce has thickened and cooked, it can be used either hot or cold, providing a tasty alternative to the often thick and over-sweet commercial varieties which are available. You can also alter the recipe to suit your own tastes, with some crushed chilli flakes often adding an extra boost of spiciness for those who like it hot. Drizzling some extra virgin olive oil into the cold sauce can also add new nuances of flavour to it.

    This sauce is obviously a very tasty accompaniment to meat dishes, and will work well with any kind of red or white meat that you cook on the barbecue. Its use is not limited to meat dishes though, and it also works well with grilled vegetables or similar. Its traditional flavours also work well as a dip for chips or French fries.

    The best thing to do with this sauce is, of course, to make a large amount and freeze it. That way, you can always ensure that you will not run out of this tasty condiment when you need it. Make a big enough batch and it could last you the whole summer, and could even see people trying to copy your recipe.

    This kind of old fashioned bbq sauce will always provide any of your summer barbecues with a personal and tasty touch which is sure to impress guests. Diners often remember the little things which make a meal great, and this sauce could be one of those little things. Try it out, and your barbecues could be fully booked all summer.

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