• Some Basic Steps For Powder Coating

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    Powder coating Statesville NC is the process of applying a special kind of paint that is as fine as dust. This applied to objects by way of spraying or by placing them in a chamber where they will be immersed with the substance. Nowadays, many people are starting to do this because it can provide a finer and more even finish. This type of coat is also more durable and can protect the surface for a longer period of time.

    This method is now being used by a lot of manufacturing companies. You can easily find these in factories that make automotive parts, furniture, utensils, and all items that you can possibly think of. There are also companies that do not manufacture their own products. They are mainly hired to powder coat items on behalf of their clients that do not have their own machinery or people to do the process themselves.

    There are, however, instances where it would not be practical to hire these companies. This is when you only have a few items that you want to cos t or their budget will not allow them. In these situations, another thing that can be done is to do powdercoating in their own garage or place.

    DYI powdercoating is normally done by people that have a small business. Instead of spending money on hiring or buying expensive machinery, they will just exert time and effort on taking care of it themselves. This is also a good project for hobbyists and for homeowners.

    Powdercoating may seem to be quite intimidating but it can be done using measures that are simple and easy to understand. It is not impossible especially when you will coat simple items and when there is no need to do mass coating. To do this, you will need a spray gun, powder, masking tape, and oven for curing.

    When doing powdercoating, it is advisable to do this somewhere well ventilated and a place with enough space. It is better to do powdercoating outside the house so none of your things will be stained. Do not forget to prepare your protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and masks to avoid any accidents.

    Before the application, you have to clean the surface first. Always remember that the powder will have a hard time adhering on a surface that is dirty and stained. Deal with dust, oil, rust, smudge, and other types of stains first. You can do this by abrasive blasting and through solvents that are capable of dissolving oil and stains.

    If you are still new in this task, the best thing to do is practice on a small piece of scrap first. Practicing will help you learn the number of coats needed to bring out an even coat. This is also a way for you perform a hang test. This done to check the proper way to position the item inside the oven so its coat will not be compromised.

    Powder coating Statesville NC provides a very smooth and evenly colored surface. This can also protect the surface from deteriorating right away. This is also eco friendly and cost effective.

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