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    Reasons For Fat Loss Myth

    The reason for the fat loss myth is that the body can burns fat to gain fuel, when we practice in a quiet pace, however, the total amount of energy used is so small that only burn some customized fat loss. For this reason, when you're fat burning program on your treadmill or bike training, the device forces you to exercise in a quiet pace. Yes, you burn fat, but so slowly that you would have to train at this rate for many hours each day.

    Very intense cardio or aerobic exercises are more effective if you want to burn excess body fat. In fact, several studies done to prove it. In one of them, one group compared to that average intensity aerobic performed for 45 minutes with the second group, which held a very intensive training for 15 minutes. Before and after training was done the analysis of adipose tissue and demonstrated that the group performing high-intensity aerobics was burning nine times additional customized fat loss!

    Want more proof? Compare the body of a person walking, running around during marathons and sprinter. If you do not know how the body of a sprinter, it is very muscular and has very little body customized fat loss, while the body of a person walking regularly will contain less muscle and more fat. Sprinter carries little or nil low-intensity exercise - training on shorter, but harder.

    If the reduction of fat is your goal:

    • Perform some form of high-intensity cardio exercise 2-4 times a week

    • Stabilize blood sugar levels to minimize the deposition of new fat

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