• Dynamic Systems - Integrated Hybrid Generator

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    INTEGRATED HYBRID GENERATOR The Integrated Hybrid Generator is a unique adaptation of two wind and solar Ener-Trees in combination with a conventional solar panel merged together in an integrated package as a roof top wind deflector. Roof Mounted Hybrid wind and solar electric generator 2 Ener-Trees generate electricity from wind-turbines Centre mounted photovoltaic (PV) generating solar energy Refrigeration Units on Truck, Ships, Trains Reduces cost of shipping around the world Electricity can be used on-board or to power hybrid electric motor Recent legislation in North America is mandating that heavy goods vehicles must attain a 50% increase in fuel economy combined with a 50% reduction in the noxious emissions from their diesel engines. DSHI’s Integrated Hybrid Generator will allow the trucking industry to:

    Generate green electricity and store in onboard batteries Swap fully charged batteries for depleted ones at V2G depot The Vehicle to Grid initiative allows trucks to sell green power This can offset their carbon footprint or create income stream Each truck can generate enough power for 3 average homes With 7.8 million trucks in America, trucking could be the largest single supplier of green electricity in the country! This single initiative will have significant benefits in reducing and/or offsetting Carbon emissions in the transportation industry!

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