• Different Tips For An Encounter With God

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    Several people these days would think that an encounter with God is very rare to happen. However, it helps to know that these things will only happen if you are also ready to speak to Him. Keep in mind that the lord has always open communication lines and He would be very happy to talk to you when you remember Him.

    The many activities of daily living can be a big hindrance and may even be the foremost cause for the dulling of your spiritual life. This is why more people these days are already too caught up of the things that the world is able to offer instead of focusing on the Lord. This makes them ignore the joy that it brings to them.

    The most private and easiest means of talking to the Creator is by praying to Him. This is the best thing that you can describe as an encounter with God. However, a lot of people do not believe that one is really able to make a good relationship with Him. So, you need to be very prepared and be informed of the ways he speaks with you.

    There are times that you are able to meet Him in a very unexpected way. This means that you may have different kinds of unforeseen meeting. Just like Isaiah in the old times, who just went to the temple one day without even expecting that something great was about to happen in his life from then on.

    Some of these encounters are actually not initiated by the humans, as the Lord is the one who made plans for it. This does not give any human a chance to manipulate the situation, as it is already directed. It is the main reason why it helps for one to be very spiritually open. It will help you hear all the things that He will say.

    There are really different kinds of encounters that are happening, as this also depends on the person. As what one may read in the Bible, several times that the Lord will communicate to his people in different means. This is why it is very important to be prepared and see the simple and complex means He talks to you.

    Remember that these kinds of experiences are not limited to those who are pastors or who have positions in their churches. The thing that hinders these encounters is that you are being too preoccupied with worldly possessions. This may mean that you are more attuned to listening to the voices of the world.

    The sad fact about it is that many of His believers are already very used to have distant relationships with Him. They do not realize that he is just one call away. Do not be overwhelmed by the fact that He does not listen to you because He is in heaven. Remember that He desires that all his children will be closer to Him.

    It is very important that you do not wait for something considered miraculous just to start doing this. Having an encounter with God will only happen if you are also prepare in doing all his will. Be sure that you have communication with Him and be open to Him all of the time.

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