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    TANA GOLDFIELDS PLC has a strong investor relations team who will ensure that the company's successes are disseminated through the internet, print media and other channels, including web 2.0 and distribution of content to a variety of smart phones such as Apple and Android. Our Vision: To become a leader in our industry and to become a valued and respected mining company through consistent performance. Our Mission: TANA believes in employing ethical business practices and engaging with the communities, businesses and governments and to operate in work areas with integrity. The demand for precious metals is driven not only by their practical use, but also by their role as investments and a store of value. Historically, precious metals have commanded much higher prices than common industrial metals. Gold and silver, and sometimes other precious metals are often seen as hedges against both inflation and economic downturn. Silver coins have become popular with collectors due to their relative affordability, and unlike most gold and platinum issues which are valued based upon the markets, silver issues are more often valued as collectables, far higher than their actual bullion value. Aside from the economic value of precious metals and their place as a form of stored value, these metals play another role in the world economy and industry. Nanotechnology is developing at a rapid pace and precious metals play a significant role in its development. New applications for gold nanoparticle catalysts are being explored in an array of new areas such as air filtration (including the removal of smells and poisonous carbon monoxide from rooms), pollution control, in fuel cells and in the production of bulk chemicals. Interest in this type of technology is not confined to the 'blue sky' academic research laboratories around the world. Major international companies like 3M, Johnson Matthey and BASF have all confirmed an interest in developing commercial applications for gold catalysts. Registered Address: 11 Church Road, Bookham, Surrey, KT23 3PB Head Office Address: 22 Woodstock Street, London, W1C 2AR Please contact us by email at: info@tanagoldfields.com

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