• Outstanding Restaurant Consulting Services Can Ensure A Profitable Future

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    There are many advantages to using restaurant consulting services. They are the best way to help spot any weak areas in the service and get them rectified as quickly as possible. Starting a new business takes a tremendous amount of work and a lot of money. The over whelming majority of new restaurants fail in the first few years. For many it is not the quality of their food, but a series of costly mistakes that could well have been avoided.

    Consultants work with every size of restaurant, from small family run establishments all the way to big chain eateries. The most effective way to get a clear picture of the business is to send in a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers are specially trained to look at all aspects of the dining experience, from beginning to end.

    A good consulting service will be able to advise their clients about all aspects of the business. One of the best strategies to use is a mystery shopper. These are people who work as consultants and go to the restaurant without notice. As far as the staff know they are just another customer. The consultant will be able to critique every aspect of their performance, from friendliness to the quality of the food.

    The consultant will pose as a regular customer and this gives them the opportunity to evaluate every aspect of the food and service. They will not such factors as how quickly they were shown to a table, how soon their server came over, how long before their order was taken. Additional factors such as friendliness of the staff and their knowledge of the menu are also important.

    One of the biggest problems for restaurants is poor service. This is often more damaging for them than bad food. The consultant will suggest ways to train the staff and help them to be more professional. There are many quick and easy ways to improve service that can be implemented right away. Regular staff meetings are also important. They give both employees and management a chance to talk and discuss new plans. Employees should always be given the opportunity to give their own feed back and make suggestions.

    Guests like to be met immediately by a cheerful host or hostess. Employing only the most professional staff is an absolute must in the restaurant business. Customers expect excellent service from all members of staff, this includes everyone from the bus boy to the bar tender. Many people like to ask for recommendations and the wait staff should know the menu inside out and back to front.

    No customer should every leave the restaurant unhappy. If a mistake was made it is best to apologize immediately and offer some type of free gift. This may be an after dinner drink or free dessert. A gift certificate is a nice way to keep people coming back and give the place a second chance to impress the guests.

    The business must set long term goals and working with restaurant consulting services is the best way to achieve those goals. By staying attentive to their customers needs they will have every chance to build a solid business with a good base of loyal customers. Those customers will return often and also recommend the place to their friends and family.

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