• Hungary TipTon

    Environment, Fashion Design


    A beautiful idea comes from Hungary. The designer Zach makes Cinematique frames, recycling 35mm and 16mm movies. The film is collected from cinemas and date from after 1989 (fall of Communism in Hungary).The 35mm film strip in the temple could be any of the following films: Mansfeld, Karate Kid III, Lethal Weapon III, Tremors, Brokeback Mountain, Failure to Launch, Toy Story,La Mala Educación, Les Visiteurs, Lion King, Mission Impossible III, Failure to Launch, What about Mary, Tibor Vagyok, Godfather III, Robocop III, Match Point, The Break Up, Egy Szoknya Egy Nadrág, 56 Csepp Vér, Caché, Romanzo Criminale, Vadászat Angolokra, Breakfast on Pluto, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead, The Merchant of Venice, Nacho Libre, WTC... and many other great movies. http://www.tipton.hu/

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