• Guide to send big file online


    Have you ever got trouble with file transfer via email when you send big files? With the help of email service, you can not send big files to your clients because of its file size limitation. Very few email providers allow you to send big files that are bigger than 10 MB. So you will wonder how you can send 2gb files to your clients in that case. Is it too large if you send 2gb files? With the development of high technology, you can overcome this issue when you want to send big files online or send 2gb files over the internet.

    One solution to help you send big files online is to ask the internet service provider for a site that allows you to send big files quickly and securely. You can send 2gb files by uploading file on that website. When you send big files online, many internet service providers will ask you to use the file transfer protocol. This method allows you to send big files between interconnected computers.

    To send big files online to a computer located thousand miles apart, you need to set up specialized ftp program. Sometime you feel unsafe if you use this ftp service to send 2gb files but in fact the reliable companies will always prepare other methods to store and restore all files that you send. Most of these websites backup data regularly as well as allow you to send big files. When you send big files online to your clients, you can share the username and password with them so that they can access your files.

    There are various websites that allow you to send big files require payment and you can try their free trial to evaluate if their send big files online service is good or not. The latest data transfer technology allows users to send 2gb files safely and easily.

    Send big files online has been proving its strength in new high tech. It is not too difficult to send 2gb files over the internet as it was before. Try to send big files right now and you will satisfy with the benefits that you get from send big files online service.

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