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    There is little doubt that planning your dream wedding, is one of the most stressful, but exciting times. One of the important decisions you make, is the style, design and wording for your wedding invitations. You will find a wide array of styles and designs to browse through and to help you decide at www.printedinvitations.co.uk.

    Themed weddings are becoming a popular way to celebrate your special day. You can decide on your chosen theme and use it as a starting point for the design of all your wedding stationery. Generally, the contents of your wedding stationery bundle will depend on the type of wedding you are planning. The larger and more elaborate the wedding arrangements, the more stationery you will require.

    You will need one set of wedding invitations for those you want to attend the ceremony and reception or breakfast meal for a more intimate group of guests. Another set for those you want to attend the evening part of the reception. You can choose the same invitation with a different message, or choose from a very wide selection of cards or notes to compliment each other.

    For your ceremony, it is customary to provide guests with a hymn sheet or an order of service. They are normally passed out when guests arrive at the wedding venue. Most people like to retain them as a memento of the day.

    Carry your theme through into your stationery choices for your reception. Drawing up a table and seating plan allows you to ensure that estranged family and friends are not placed next to each other and helps to avoid embarrassing moments. Displaying the table plan at the entrance to the reception hall is a useful tool for guests looking for the seat. Name cards on the tables can also be designed to reflect the main wedding theme.

    Many brides follow the tradition of presenting all their female guests with a favor as a memento of their day. That tradition has over the last few years expanded to include a commemorative gift for the male members of the reception party. It is also traditional to use a tier of the cake and some small cake bags or boxes as a good luck charm, which is historically placed under the pillow, so the individual will dream of their future partner.

    Finally, there are the thank you cards to all the guests for their gifts. It is also good manners to send a thank-you card to anyone else who has given you a wedding gift, but may not have attended the wedding. You can keep the wedding theme and design going with your thank-you cards and add your own message.

    Spend time browsing at www.printedinvitations.co.uk to find your stationery. You can choose a style, design and color to reflect your wedding theme, including your flowers, table center pieces and you cake. If you have an eye for color and design you can help to ensure that you produce your dream wedding.

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