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    http://southwoodgroup.org/volsung-cycle/ Discover the meaning and etymology behind the names of the Norse pantheon, places and items. Additional details are also provided on their modern usage, overall popularity and cognate words. Odin – also Odinn (“rage” or “inspiration”). The leader of the Aesir gods who is associated with war, wisdom and art. Thor – the god of thunder. He’s the son of Odin and usually carried his hammer Mjolnir Freya – also Freyja (“lady”). The goddess of beauty and death who brings the worthy dead to Valhalla. Freyr – also Frey (“lord”). The god associated with rain, sunlight and fertility. Loki – Aesir god known for being a trickster and can manipulate fire and magic. He was eventually confined to a stone by his fellow gods for being evil. Baldr – also Balder (“prince”). The son of Odin and Frigg who was killed because Loki tricked Hoder into it. Heimdall – the white god who presided over light and dawn. He is considered the guardian of Asgard

    http://forums.finegardening.com/over-fence/general-gardening/southwood-norsemytho-group-book-and-article-reviews-litteratur http://southwoodgroup.org/aesir-vanir-war/

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