• ABNEY AND ASSOCIATES Internet Technology : Is cybercrime more of a threat than terrorism?

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    http://www.zdnet.com/is-cybercrime-more-of-a-threat-than-terrorism-7000012526/ Is cybercrime more of a threat than terrorism? Cyberattacks are rising, and we are currently witnessing a mad governmental scrabble to gather enough resources to keep infrastructure and businesses safe from such threats. However, considering the apparent ease which many hackers can infiltrate systems -- whether taking down a bank with a DDoS attack or tampering with an emergency broadcast system to declare to viewers live that the dead have risen and are attacking the living -- it may be too little, too late. Security firms and experts have been screaming into the wind for long enough that unless more security staff are trained and more investment is placed in combating cybercrime, core services and business systems are at risk -- and as yesterday's events show, this appears to be the case On Tuesday, as reported by Reuters, intelligence chiefs ousted terrorism as the "top threat" facing the United States, and instead replaced it with cybercrime. The report notes that digitalassaults on governmental targets have risen, and more importantly, as technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, it is difficult to keep up.

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