• Newport group international review: For three local designers, the world is a runway

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    Eugene native Allison Ditson creates hand-sewn lingerie and swimwear for her Allihalla label in the upstairs sewing quarters at Kitsch-22 in downtown Eugene. The 24-year-old designer hails from a family with seamstress/sewing experience, and her father Les taught her how to make clothing. Ditson's clothing takes up to six hours to complete, depending on detail, and starts at $125 for made-to-measure garments. (Michael Arellano/Emerald)

    To Renne Phillips, the body is a canvas, and the world is a runway. She believes the way we dress ourselves — the various fabrics, textures and shapes adorning our bodies — describe our personalities, attitudes and lifestyles. To her, each day is an opportunity to walk the catwalk of the world.

    It’s this kind of passion for fabric that fueled her to form her own clothing line, “VaVaVie.” From bedazzled bras to custom-made wedding dresses, her goal is to infuse both glamour and individuality into each of her creations as much as possible.

    “Each piece I design is unique,” Phillips said. “I love devoting a lot of my time on one piece, putting all of my creativity, imagination and hard work into something I design.”

    And her hard work shows; her designs are intricate. Her dresses, which range from cocktail to wedding, feature meticulous beading, attention to form and even more attention to detail. Her “showpiece” bras — which she said can be worn anywhere, from under sheer garments and belly dancing events to burlesque shows — are adorned with lace and beads.

    “You will never see glue or stitches on any of my pieces,” she said. “The attention I give my pieces is important.”

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