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    Its about time we stop killing our pets in the shelters, we are not over populated these pets have homes, we place approx 30 pets a month into loving forever homes , if we can get these shelters, a bit more organized and motivated we can save the lives of all these highly adoptable pets.

    These shelters are not even killing these animals right they are missing the most important step for a pain free death maybe its that the sedation medication is too expensive or there too lazy to do this little step to insure that the pets feel no pain of the poisons passing through there veins. What this poison does is throw them in to a massive heart attack and yes that is painful.

    There are many shelters as well that still use the gas chamber. These animals thrash around and bang there heads into the sides of the container that is over packed with animals, they bite each other ECT just struggling to breath. The puppies and young dogs are strong and healthy and some don’t die right away since there organs wont shut down. So then they are struck on the head by a shovel or choked by someone’s foot until death occurs This is not right we do understand that we live in a throw away society, but killing our companions wow what have we become? Why we are too lazy to find these pets homes. This needs to be stopped; I know there are homes out there for each and everyone of these pets. Write your letters and tell our congress that we are refusing to keep paying 10 billion dollars a year for the government to kill our pets. In fact it would be a small fraction of that to save them and feed them until there are adopted.

    We are there voice and we will not shut up and go away until they stop the mass murders of healthy adoptable pets. These animals that are being killed by the thousands everyday are not the ''wild dog''.

    They are used to being someone’s devoted and loving pets. Puppies, dogs, cats, kittens they are even killing goats and rabbits and squirrels .only because there time ran out. Which to begin with were just a few days?

    Most people don’t realize that when they take Fido into the shelter he has a 5% chance of finding a home before he is killed. The owner surrenders are the first ones to die the beloved pet that has had the warmth of love for 5 years and then thrown to the wolves to die a painful lonely death. These pets are not stupid Fido has 6th sense about him and his smell ability is 10 million times stronger then ours when he can smell death he is freighted from the time he walks through the door till the time he dies the painful death in hands of a stranger that never cared about him or cherished his life.

    This makes me feel outraged and saddened that this happening to our companion animals. We need to make a stand and make everyone understand that we are killing more that is getting adopted and these pets are suffering until death occurs. Spread the word and help us save as many as we possibly can, until we can get a no kill bill past and re-staff the shelters with honest hard working animal lovers that’s not afraid of a little work. It’s too easy to kill and fill our landfills with there bodies. This is a tragedy for the United States to take on a Hitler mentality towards our pets. Please feel free to visit our website www.k9editions.org please help us help the animals. We are encouraging people to sign the no kill bill petition at www.wethepeoplepets.com all donations are welcomed any amount helps the pets. Thank you and May god bless us! www.youtube.com type in search ‘’animal rescue’’ see for your self what’s going on. I will also be adding a few of these videos on this blogg. we are trying to get the awareness out there as well as we need your help to change the fate of these precious pets lives. I know right now the United States has gone to hell in a hand basket but this has been happening for generations and generations its time to STOP!

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