• A whisper in the ears Jordanian Designers !

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Never mind, and no matter what type of classification we have,

    Why do we consider ourselves and others designers?

    How do we perceive our task, culture, identity and our future?

    Where we are? What do we innovate, alter and create?

    We are what we are! Designers.

    We are the designers of Jordan. We came here to make a practical and substantial difference to our Country, people and ourselves.

    Let each one of you ask him/her self these questions:

    Have you ever thought of taking part in the development and well- being of Jordan, of course by using the design?

    Have you been up to the challenges that face you in developing and promoting sustainable design solutions in all fields serving our country?

    It is not an easy task! But it could be easy if we design and import our own ideas and styles, and at the same time, we preserve our identity and character and shy away from imitation.

    I should be genuine. To be so, I should answer these questions to identify and define my objectives:

    • What is a designer, who is he, and what is his\her role?
    • What are the characteristics that should mark the Design?
    • What should our design academics plan and how they embark on teaching Design?
    • What public services that need Designs?
    • What type of design business should exist in Jordan? Amman, as many other Arab cities, is proud of its design status\identity.

    But, does Amman promote design in other cities of Jordan? Does Jordan raise the awareness of design among the public? Do Jordanians demand products and services that meet their needs?

    These questions need an answer, for the future!

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