• Getting The Ideal Colloidal Silver Water Provides Outstanding Results

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    This material, as a medicinal remedy has been in use for thousands of years. From the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Egyptians to European royal families, generations have ingested it in a solution, termed colloidal silver, because of the antibiotic properties. This is where the term 'blue blood' stems from, since royals were rich enough to eat from such plates, ingesting enough colloidal silver water to acquire a blue tinge to the skin. That became a sign of health and wealth, since being rich enough meant being illness free because of it.

    As recently as 1940, the substance was regularly used. Though antibiotics became more popular so this solution was less used, it's coming back through alternative and homeopathic medicine. With worries about antibiotic resistance as well, people are once again examining the benefits it has.

    There's no doubt about the bacteria-killing, disinfectant properties of the metal. Doctors use it still within wound dressings especially for burns; more than ever since super bugs like MRSA came on the scene. It is in ventilator tubes and catheters to lessen infection risk. Though it's benefits aren't yet completely proven and some risks are unquantified, there's good evidence of it's healing powers, as recognized over millennia, plus it's a lawfully available food supplement when in colloidal form.

    Available over the counter, this healthy water costs less than antibiotics, due to production method advances. It is a great germicide, antibiotic and disinfectant. Indeed, forefathers put silver coins inside milk jugs to for freshness. This metal's oligodynamic effects make it a killer of bacteria, fungus and algae.

    A real cure-all, this metal has been used to treat almost a hundred different conditions. Just a teaspoon of this great water a day provides an excellent defence against many bacteria-caused infections. Children are recommended half this amount, and babies a quarter. It can be used in larger quantities to treat everything from colds to pneumonia, cancer and AIDS.

    As much as 350 mcg can be safely taken daily for up to seventy years. It's also available as a spray to breathe in, and can be placed beneath the tongue for absorption. It is best used prophylactically to prevent disease however, so it's advisable to consult your experienced, qualified practitioner about dosage.

    Whereas manufactured antibiotics kill specific types of bacteria, usually 5-6 different strains, this solution kills all of them. It's not toxic to the environment, to animals, plants or indeed our own kidneys and liver. It doesn't damage the stomach lining, nor destroy human enzymes. Bacteria cannot develop resistance to it. It therefore has a lot of potential advantages over antibiotics today.

    Though doctors are sceptical and further research is indicated, FDA states "colloidal silver water has been known for its antimicrobial properties for decades". Buy solutions labelled as being 85% ionic, if you want to be certain of getting the best variety. Ancient wisdom could be right, with the material presenting a good alternative for today's overused mainstream antibiotics.

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