• Fantasy Pictures Using Digital Collages

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    Computer applications are used to manipulate images when creating digital collages. It brings together different images under a single frame through art. This imagination is enhanced and deepened through technology. It results in an element of mystical chance. The images are centered on a focus object.

    The basis for such art is mosaic traditions which have been effectively modified. This makes them different from the simple creations in cathedrals, temples and palaces. Mosaic pictures are formed from tiles, stones and marbles of different sizes. Objects of diverse characteristics and existence are merged within a single frame. They result in a boundless picture.

    Ecollage or electronic collage is created using computer software. Editing applications create endless possibilities and improve on the catchy element of the final frame. The resulting patterns are deeper and more creative with better pictures and images. The combination removes the element of boundaries between different images and creates a unified scene under a single frame.

    Advances in technology have created a buzz around 3D images. They are more exciting when used in digital collages. They include mountain ranges, coins, landscapes and beadwork. They have a unique aspect that is easy to combine. An artist may end up with a circle made of beads or a mysterious house. Waves in the sea or expansive mountain ranges are a rich source of collage images. It is easy to create a street scene from such combinations.

    Computer applications have made it easier to create personal collage. All one requires is the central image to anchor the other objects. A real picture will work perfectly or a drawing. Different pictures and images carry their moods into the final frame. It is imagination and creativity that enables them to fit.

    The differences in the images collected for digital collages result in a rough and course assembly. These variations may extend to include color. The same frame may have a grey picture and color image. The mixture is extended to include varying existence like a space object and a sea creature. Imaginary forms are also used. This makes collage a beauty to behold.

    Surreal art forms are known to maximize on the element of non-perfection. This makes such images catchy since what is combined is impossible to find in the normal world. This is a thought provoking combination that is anchored of creativity. Two worlds are forced to co-exist in such a perfect way. This makes the final frame admirable and interesting to watch.

    The applications required to develop collages are not necessarily advanced. The Gimp or a normal Photoshop Element 10 will complete the work effectively. What one requires is software that can play around with brightness, sharpness, curves, exposure, levels and saturation. They are used to create an element of depth and combine single images into a wonderful final frame.

    The uses of digital collages are spread to include high art, posters used in adverts and magazine covers. They have also spread and are used in creating wonderful wall murals. This is a creative process that makes possible what can only be imagined. Technology fine tunes this and adds such elements as depth thus opening new avenues for imagination.

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