• DC Articles Of Incorporation: Things To Recall

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    To apply for DC articles of incorporation, you need to equip yourself with adequate information. Following some steps will lead you towards the right path. The first thing you should do is to choose a name for the company. It should be distinguishable from that of other companies. Under the District of Columbia law, to register an LLC, there should be words that state the nature of the business.

    If the corporation name is available, you have the chance to have it reserved for you for at least two months after paying the required fees. Online applications can be made through the website run by the D. C Corporations Division. This is a splendid way to make sure you get the best method of applying. Your next step is to commence with the filing of organization documents.

    For you to get a certificate, you need to include the name of the Limited Liability Company alongside its address. The same step should be followed in providing details of the organizers as well as at least one member of the LLC. Also, remember to provide the details of a registered agent. It is possible to file the articles over the internet or send them by postal mail.

    The corporation needs to take the required steps while appointing a registered agent. The duty of such individuals is to give a service for courses of action documents. This means that the agent will be required to accept legal documents on behalf of the LLC whenever they are sued. Anyone employed as a registered agent should have permanent residence in the District. They should also provide the real physical address.

    An operating agreement is also vital. However, not a necessary document, it is advisable to have it. You need a professional who will assist you in drafting the documents. You are not expected to file an operations agreement alongside the documents of organization.

    Make sure that you comply with other tax and regulatory necessities. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to satisfy some requirements. If the company has more than a single member, you need to get an identification number for the employer. Licensing is also a factor that should be considered. This depends on the location and nature of your business.

    Never wait until the day you will be accused of identity theft to make the move. Many crimes are associated with this. You could be charged of illegally using the identity of another business. Mid-size and small businesses are at the biggest of identity theft. Research has it that a majority of new enterprises end up closing after a year because of this.

    When you decide to file for DC articles of incorporation, you should have your documents reviewed by a lawyer. Never expect to receive assistance from the Division of Corporations when it comes to legal, accounting and taxation. They will not help with stock certificates, corporate stocks and minute books either. The responsibility of the division is to help in securing company information and making the public access it with ease.

    When you are thinking of setting up a business in DC Articles of Incorporation are required. Learn how to obtain required documentation quickly at the home pages at http://www.dcregisteredagent.com/Licenses now.

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