• Why Offensive T-Shirts Are That Way

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    You have seen them just about anywhere you walk or drive in most towns and cities across the United States. Offensive t-shirts are, by their very nature, things that are not appreciated by some people. The problem comes in when a definition is not available for everyone. Some language, pictures or drawings are offensive to some and not to others.

    Many of these types of messages are based on the wearer's particular political view point. Calling a member of the other party something crude is part of this category. Making references to that person's mother or father and a particular, intimate, physical activity will set some people on edge. Racist remarks will also not go over too well in many areas of the country nor should they.

    Cuss words and the gratuitous use of the names of body parts and orifices are seen on many people. These have the effect they are probably worn to elicit. Most of that effect is to shock and cause offense. Some of that is to tell whoever is looking that the wearer does not care much about social norms or let people know they do not follow those normal conventions.

    There are any number of people that are looking to be offended so as to have an action to bring up for mediation. This is found on educational campuses all over the country. These people are known, informally and unofficially, as the thought and speech police. Their need to have the control over everything that is worn or said is very large. They believe that if a T-shirt says Have A Nice day, they should be offended because there are many people who can not have a nice day.

    This is found on many educational campuses across the United States. The speech patterns that are proscribed as well as the correct things to wear and say have an effect on the students that isolates, instead of includes them. The thought processes that go into what should be and, definitely not be, worn is similar to the definition given to porn by a Supreme Court Justice several decades ago. That sentiment is that they will know what is offensive when they see it.

    Make no mistake, many people have the ability to not understand what it is they are wearing. Some of them will not think about the effect on other people because we do have the freedom of speech. Some of them, a very small percentage, will truly be amazed that what they are wearing would offend anyone.

    The number of people who actually do know what they are putting on in the morning, say about 90 top 95 percent of people, do it for the effect they often get. They want to have that conversation that will almost never go well. They will wear what they want to wear and to hell with everyone else. These people do not know and they do not really know what they do not know.

    Putting on offensive t-shirts, as defined by you, is your right. You might think about how you would feel if you are the subject of one of these sayings. That is what these folks are trying to do and say, so a good rule of thumb can be thought about. That saying is if you will not wear that in your mother's house, do not wear it on the street leading there.

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