• Pet Markers Make Beautiful Memories

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    Loosing a beloved animal can be such a harrowing experience and never easy to handle. Over time they become fixtures in the family and when they are gone, the loss of their presence is deeply felt. A lot of people find that using specialized pet markers to immortalize their memories can help ease the pain and offer a bit of comfort.

    Everyone has their own way of grieving, which in some cases means needing to have something representative of the lost pet that they can look at or hold on to. Choosing how to memorialize a much loved animal is a deeply personal decision. The marker should represent the relationship with, or personality of the one for which it is being designed.

    The traditional style of head stone is still a popular choice. The difference is that there are now so many variations on this option to make it more personal. They vary in thickness, style, size and designs to make it easier to find the one that best represents the pet.

    Most of the time, headstones are made from granite because it is classic and durable. It is also a quite versatile material to work with. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that they no longer have to be the traditional gray color because this stone can be purchased in green, pink, red or the very popular option of highly polished black.

    Granite can be cut into most any size or shape desired and may be done in a style to either lay flat on the ground or to stand up in the traditional way. A picture can be included on the stone via an inset frame or by being etched directly into the marker. All the desired information can be laser imprinted on the monument or it may be carved in as has been the way for hundreds of years.

    Quite a few people like to step outside the box and get creative when deciding what is the best way to immortalize their pet. Hanging specially designed wind chimes is a way to remember them with every breeze, and placing a river rock or flagstone with their name on it in a garden or walkway will keep them ever present. Those who opt to plant a tree in honor of their animals may find the choice of a metal plaque mounted on or nearby, to be the perfect commemoration.

    A lot of owners choose to have their pets cremated because they want to be close to them even after they have left this world. For this option, there are literally thousands of different housing opportunities including, but not limited to, the traditionally reverent urn. A classic wooden box may be decorated and engraved in special ways or perhaps one would like to try something completely modern like a figurine of the animal or a photo cube.

    No matter one's preference, there are so many options for pet markers finding one that feels perfect should be no problem. Now those who wish to find a special way to memorialize a beloved animal can do so as dramatically or as personally as they choose. A unique representation of such a treasured life ensures that the memory will live on for ages.

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