• Counseling and Psychotherapy for Married Couples

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    Let us understand first the difference of counseling and psychotherapy. These two are terms that are often used interchangeably. Even if that is the case, they are very similar yet there are subtle differences as well. Counselor meaning advisor– a relationship of the psychotherapist to the patient. It involves two people working together to solve a specific problem. Psychotherapy on the other hand speaks to a general term that involves longer term of treatment which focuses more on gaining insight in to chronic physical and emotional problems. It focuses onto the patient’s thought processes and way of being in the world rather than specific problem.Many couples struggle with their relationship that leads to divorce and broken families. Just like any case, marital problems may also be solved by counseling. Marriage counseling a.k.a couples therapy; is a type of psychotherapy. Couples of all types may undergo therapy; it resolves conflicts and improves relationships. Marriage counselor will always be rational towards things, she will not recommend you to separate your ways or force you to fix your relationship but rather help you to realize the problem and will advice you options to solve them which can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or go your separate ways.Not everyone can be a therapist just because they are good in giving advises. Marriage counselors are provided by licensed therapists who are graduates or postgraduate degrees.Married couples undergo therapy to strengthen their relationships. Marriage counseling is not just for married couples; in fact it is advisable to have a pre-marriage counseling before getting married. This aims to achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before their married life starts.It is always better to have a joint therapy; in this case you will both learn ways to solidify your relationship together. It is a start of communicating openly, solving problems together and discussing differences rationally. You will analyze the bad and the good parts of the relationship as you both pinpoint the problems and better understand the basis of your conflicts. Whatever it is that you are struggling with you can openly discuss it to your therapist.

    Communication problem Sexual difficulties Conflicts about child rearing or blended families Substance abuse Financial problems Anger Infidelity Divorce Although marriage counseling might also help in domestic abuse it is more advisable to seek help from crisis centers, police or local shelter.

    How to find a good therapist is a good question. Here are tips on whom to go and seek advice from: It is necessary to know the therapist’s education and experience, her educational and training background. More especially if she is licensed. You must provide a postgraduate therapist that will conduct your counseling. Where is her office and what is is her office hours. Will she be available in case of emergency? Treatment plan. Scheduling. You must work this out, joint counseling is always better. More especially therapist must always be approachable. Fees and insurance. Talk about the terms, it is always better to have it sorted out from the start for no further conflicts.

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