• Essential Procedures And Practices On How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

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    When in search of information on how to get rid of skin tags, it makes perfect sense to first have a clear picture of what exactly they are so you can take the most appropriate approach to eliminating them. Basically, skin tags are defined as tiny growths of fleshy tissue mostly found on the underarms, eyelids, skin folds, neck and other areas where frequent rubbing or irritation is common.

    They tend to affect most people in middle age, but are mostly associated with expectant mothers, and diabetic and obese patients. Another very important thing you need to know is that they can be cancerous in nature. As such, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, especially if you are genetically predisposed to cancer.

    You also need to be aware that more often than not they will turn into a layer, dry up and fall off on their own, hence would need no intervention on your part. At times, however, many people would wish to have them removed, probably because they are uncomfortable especially when they start to rub against clothing or just because they are unsightly.

    The first remedy is to use colorless nail polish over the growth tissue. This has proven effective in getting rid of since it will dry it off until it eventually falls down. While not scientifically proven, there are those who swear by this technique as the best.

    Another tried and tested way of getting rid of these tissues is numbing them with ice before cutting them off using a pair of sterile scissors or nail clippers. Be advised, though, that the affected area may potentially develop some serious bleeding, or can even get infected in the process, especially if no antibiotics are taken after that. As such, removing them at home surgically is not often recommended and is something that should be taken with the seriousness it deserves.

    A litigation technique where the bottom part of the growth is tied using a suturing thread, for example, has also proven an effective growth removal technique. By tying the bottom, blood circulation to the growth is cut off completely, meaning there will be less bleeding, and it will eventually dry up and fall down on its own.

    There are also medical procedures carried out on these fleshy tissues. One is known as cryotherapy; where a freezing solution is used on them. The other is cauterization where the tissues are burned off and completely eliminated. Surgical removal with either a pair of scissors or scalpel is also another effective alternative. Your doctor will give you an injection or apply a numbing cream on the area, and have them removed in a matter of minutes. Going to the doctors office is recommended since bleeding and infections are avoided and/or controlled.

    Most people who develop these growths often choose to leave them alone, especially if the tissues are not in visible parts of the body, or if they do not cause any discomfort by rubbing against clothing. However, if you find that the tissues are unsightly, or have started to become irritating by rubbing on jewellery or clothing, you can always have a doctor remove them.

    There are also easy-to-use home kits in the market, like those used to remove warts, which can be used to get rid of these unsightly tissues. Take your time to consult your healthcare provider for professional advice on how to get rid of skin tags, especially if the growth is very large (where a biopsy may be necessary) to rule out serious medical conditions.

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