• You want to be a designer because…

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    You want to be a designer because… You want to make things that will improve people’s physical and emotional lives.

    There’s another answer, … You are unable to stop asking the “why” and “how” questions about the world and You think being a designer will help you find some answers.

    Those are related statements, but one is a process that will never end, the other is an action you want to be able to perform.

    The more you learn about design the more questions you have and the less sure you are of your previous answers to questions.

    Keep in mind……

    You will not speak when your work is being discussed in a critique. You will keep your mouth shut. You cannot respond, cannot make faces, cannot argue, cannot communicate. You are there to listen to what others have to day, not to argue with them, or in any way explain or discuss your work.

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