• TITO - mascot of a recycling oil food company - 2007

    Communication, Environmental Design


    TITO, is the mascot for a recycling oil food company. Created in 2007, this character body shape is based in the representation of an oil drop . His eyes format, proportion, and his texture were developed based in the knowledge in the oral stage, of the developing stages described by freud.

    The comercial target for this mascot, is in the 0-18 months, and also throught to the next stage, until the 3 years old.

    The idea it´s creating an conection between the child and this toy. Not because of the conscience of the children, but essencially because of their incoscience, linked to this object.

    However, their parents will project their babies image into the TITO´s friendly,and fragil shape. And will be greatful for all the things that make their children happy, healthy, and mostly: silent, like when they play with a toy for their ages.

    With this emotional link, TITO has an operating role in their changing, or at least becoming conscience about their ecologic behavior - specially in the recycling oil food matters.

    Look us in the future and learn more about these kind of mascots, and their campaigns.

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