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    Buying your new vehicle at NSW Car Auctions is simple and affordable. Teams of professionals are sourcing all kinds of vehicles from different companies, liquidators and even government departments. When you want to pay a wholesale price for your new car, this is a place for you.

    If you want to sell your own vehicle, there are different options available. You may agree to sell them your car, or you can consign it for auction. Experienced stuff will give you all the necessary advices regarding the price, as well as all the information needed.

    Trade-in service is also available. The whole process is quite simple. You have to bring your car there prior to auction to establish the price, as well as to make your bid for a new one. After a successful bid, you will just have to pay the difference.

    When selling, you have to bring in your car together with its registration papers and your identifications. Educated and trustworthy personnel will offer you a wide variety of financial solutions to suit your needs. When buying, this way you will be able to tell precisely how much money you can afford to spend.

    Quality used cars may be bought for a great price. That includes comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and different warranties as well. You can also get all kinds of financial assistance regarding the loan protection insurance, green slip etc. All the vehicles are sold with guaranteed title.

    It is highly advisable to inspect the vehicles prior to auction. When it isn't possible, some dealers will offer to do it for you. Inform yourself about this particular service and make sure to understand what guarantees are involved. They can give you an accurate estimation of condition, and also check the service history of your desired vehicle.

    Some dealers are offering the possibility for joining the live auction from your home or office. To use this particular service, you have to be a registered dealer, or a registered bidder. Using your registration number, you will be able to see a live video of the auctioneer and bid in a real time.

    The general procedure is following. You should decide what you would like to buy, and how much you plan to spend. The next step is to inspect the vehicles. Choose the one you are interested in. Even if your desired model isn't in stock, they will find it for you. All you need to do is to inform them about your budget and the desired model description.

    You will need to have your driver's license with you, as well as the money for the deposit. Place a bid, but be aware of the fact that once you place the bid, you won't be able to withdraw it. You need to pay a buyers administration fee on all of your purchases. For some types of vehicles there is an additional fee.

    Deposit amounts may vary, but after a successful bid, the final payments usually have to be finalized within two working days after the purchase. It can be done using cash or a bank checks. As you can see, buying cars at NSW car auctions is a real bargain.

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