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    Ciao Derek, Thank you for your response. Fully agree that it would be more appropriate to make it against total abuse. I saw this post on Computer Love website and it grabbed my attention as social issues are not a common subject over there. For me is very interesting to see that designers are finally beginning to design not only for the trendiness and money but for good reasons. Clearly this process is still in slow motion but at least I feel that we need to praise projects that people are having the initiative to do. Recently I went to a big design conference in London where some people at the audience got angry and started a discussion about climate changed not being a graphic designer's concern but point of view. Ignorance is surrounding us but some people really want do to something to change it. Many people like yourself are producing great valuable work and are aware that there is plenty to be done rather than producing more printed material about one single subject. Let's welcome the possibility that some designers will receive the message one way or another..

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