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    "As designers we have a social obligation to raise awareness of the horrors that less fortunate people face. Tibet has been illegally occupied by China since 1950 and yet only recently with the Olympic Torch fiasco have these attrocities been recognised by the popular radar..."

    "...Please note that this society does not condolne the discrimination or slander of any race, especially the Chinese, as many people of the Chinese race themselves have no idea what has been going on. Thus the sole purpose of this society is to raise awareness of the facts and not to make judgement upon anyone, let alone discriminate against them..."

    DATA is currently working on its first project, collaborating with some of the most renowned designers, illustrators, digital artists, photographers and motion designers to create a book.

    Some confirmed participants are:

    Adhemas Batista, Alex Trochut, Bram Timmer, David Carvalho (Karpa) Greig Anderson, Pawel Nolbert (hellocolor), Pete Harrison (Aeiko), Mike Harrison (Destill), Si Scott, Justin Maller (superlover and depthcore), Diogo Potes (six letter word) etc.

    Although at this moment in time, participants for the book in project 1 are by invite only.

    DATA is also currently looking for designers to volunteer to make a functioning website. If you are interested please contact: info@designersagainsttibetanabuse.com


    More info go to: DATA

    Source: Computer Love

  • I'll all for the cause but, really, I don't think producing yet another 'designer' book is going to make much of a difference. Why is it that when there's a crisis of this kind all that designers/artists can think about is producing a juicy book, OK, OK and an accompanying exhibition and/or website (that, usually, most people don't see) . Aren't designers supposed to be a bit more creative? aren't there any better ways at reaching/involving the masses than resorting to just another nice print job. Oh! and why singling out Tibet? - make it against TOTAL abuse - now that would be something to go for (plus they wouldn't have to change their logo). The Tibet/China issue is big, probably bigger than we think, which means it deserves more responsible (and creative) action.

  • Ciao Derek, Thank you for your response. Fully agree that it would be more appropriate to make it against total abuse. I saw this post on Computer Love website and it grabbed my attention as social issues are not a common subject over there. For me is very interesting to see that designers are finally beginning to design not only for the trendiness and money but for good reasons. Clearly this process is still in slow motion but at least I feel that we need to praise projects that people are having the initiative to do. Recently I went to a big design conference in London where some people at the audience got angry and started a discussion about climate changed not being a graphic designer's concern but point of view. Ignorance is surrounding us but some people really want do to something to change it. Many people like yourself are producing great valuable work and are aware that there is plenty to be done rather than producing more printed material about one single subject. Let's welcome the possibility that some designers will receive the message one way or another..

  • Leticia,

    I'm with you, at least, in part - sorry, maybe it's the heat (or was it Friday?), but I just found the whole DATA thing a bit ridiculous, esp. the name - almost Pythonesque - like some absurb extremist group from 'Life Of Brian'.

    I'm up for praising design initiatives concerning serious issues but I found this one particularly lame. If it's just to make other designers aware then we really are in bad shape.

    That conference sounded pretty depressing - but I can understand that response because up until now that's the way it's always been - I suppose people have the right also to pass the buck - it's just that NOW is not like THEN, the future will not to able to sustain that line of thought - fact! Those people shouldn't be designing if they're not considering important issues, such as climate change, etc, - every piece of work, be it commercial or non-profit, should be transmitting, where possible, our concerns for the environment/mankind/the future. Graphic design, on its own, is NEVER going to save the planet/make things better, but as a means together with others it can go some way to making a decent contribution. The sooner we understand that then we maybe we'll be on to something good.....

    It saddens me that there are so many (young/intelligent/well-known) designers not aware, or pretending not to be, of all of this because it's going to be one hell of shock for them when they'll be oblidged/forced to do something about it.

    Re: my/our work, thanks very much, I'm trying my best, though could try harder.


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