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    Every minute another person in New Zealand becomes a victim of cybercrime according to a new report which claims there are 556 million victims worldwide every year after the two NRI jailed for a major cyber fraud case revealed in this news blog. The report released by anti-virus company Norton researched 24 countries, including New Zealand, to find out how many people fell victim to crime on the internet as well as the price tag of consumer cybercrime for each country. On a global scale there were 1.5 million victims of consumer cybercrime every day – or 18 victims per second. And putting paid to the stereotype that men are more technology savvy, the report says they are more likely to become victims of cybercrime with 71% falling prey compared to 63% of women. The report put the world-wide price of consumer cybercrime at $US110 billion ($135.2 billion) annually, or $US197 ($242) per person. In New Zealand the price tag of online crime topped $462.9 million ($569 million). It said the face of cybercrime is changing, with more and more people becoming victims through social media and mobile phones. Half of all New Zealand adults now use a mobile device to access the internet, with 19% of those having received a text message from someone they didn’t know requesting they click on an embedded link or dial an unknown number to retrieve a ‘voicemail’ message.

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