• The GreenHouse Project: Sustainable Living in Johannesburg

    Community, Environmental Design


    Original Feature: June 14 2008.

    In the heart of South African city Johannesburg, a green focused community is transforming one urban park into a seedbed for sustainable living.

    Directed by Dorah Lebelo, The GreenHouse Project takes a holistic approach to integrating green building and design, efficient and renewable energy, recycling and organic farming into the city’s mindset. The Global Oneness Project recently interviewed Dorah to find out her motivations and intentions for this fantastic sustainable initiative.

    Located in the northwest corner of Joubert Park, Johannesburg, The GreenHouse Project is an environmental NGO demonstrating sustainable living and development. In the Global Oneness Project video interview, Dorah explains how the five-pronged project approaches sustainability, by utilizing the skills of rural South African people and describes how this urban environment has everything it needs to sustain its community, without demanding more from further afield.

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