• The Advantages Of Using A 3D-HDMI Cable


    <p>High Definition Multimedia Interface cables have been about since the start of this century. Their purpose is to transfer both uncompressed visual and audio data between HDMI compliant devices. In the beginning most people used them to link their television sets, or computer monitor, to either their set top box, or high definition DVD player. Today, many people are using a 3D-HDMI cable for their entertainment sets.<br /> <br /> Now that people have a little extra cash as the economy picks up, many are considering taking advantage of the new technologies and updating their home entertainment set ups. Maybe this is you too, in which case you might need to replace your cables. As quickly as technology has evolved then the HDMI cables have also needed to keep pace.<br /> <br /> These cables have continued to evolve themselves, and now the latest standards are 1.4 and 1.4a, they are hoping that to a certain extent they are going to be future proof, but they do combine some new innovations. They are high speed, and are capable of transmitting 10.2 Gbps as a minimum. These new 1.4 standards also include a dedicated HDMI Ethernet channel. This means that if your device supports it, and most do now, you will now be able to connect to the internet via a network.<br /> <br /> The majority of games consoles and televisions, which can be linked into your home entertainment system, will connect onto your home network, which will enable them to hook up to the internet. There is sound logic behind the thoughts of this Ethernet channel in these new leads. You now have the ability to still enjoy the connectivity, but it has removed the need to have all of those individual cables previously required for each device.<br /> <br /> For some the Audio Return Channel will be of benefit. For those, whose television sets feature either an inbuilt DVD player or tuner, maybe they had always wanted to link the audio signal to the better speakers of their audio system. With the 1.4 series of cables they now can, not only that these cables also incorporate the Lip-sync function that was introduced with the 1.3 cables. This function ensures that the audio signal will stay perfectly matched to the visual signal automatically.<br /> <br /> Another technology that is rapidly evolving is that of 3D, and several formats are under development. With the 1.4 standard of cable the more popular formats are all dealt with across a wider range of screen resolution. Typically the 1.3 standard only really dealt with the 1080i, or widescreen format of 16:9.<br /> <br /> There are more and more animated 3D films entering onto the market these days. An HDMI cable has to be capable of transmitting 2 identical sets of images at the same time to get this 3D capability on your television. The 1.4 cable enables this facility in all resolutions.<br /> <br /> Not only do you have to select your new home entertainment system with care, but also your 3D-HDMI cable. Ideally you are going to opt for high speed cabling, if they have gold plated pins you will receive better connectivity. Another thing to consider is the screening, which will negate any electrical interference.</p> <p><a href="http://www.oznetics.com.au/3d-hdmi-cable-that-delivers-the-perfect-picture-every-time-ezp-18.html"><strong>Learn More</strong></a> About Our Services on 3D-HDMI Cable</p>

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