• The Values And Disadvantages Of Using A Bluetooth Printer

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    There are various reasons why most people choose to have Bluetooth technology over other types. First, it is used with so many different devices that having it gives you a lot more connectivity. In addition, its easier and safer to use and decreases the use of cabling. The introduction of the Bluetooth printer has changed so much about how we are able to print. If you are contemplating purchasing one, have some information beforehand.

    The most obvious reason you would want to have one, and the most likely reason you have contemplated having one in the first place, is the absence of wires. Without the need for any sort of cabling, it is able to communicate with several items like mobile phones, digital cameras, laptop computers and desktop PCs.

    Cabling is cumbersome and unattractive. It causes people, especially children, to trip. This could result either in injury or in the device getting damaged. As aforementioned, it is the first reason that people choose to have this technology in the first place. However, there are various other reasons too.

    It is very easy to connect these printers to just about any product you own. Cabling means you have to start diving under the table to plug the device in, and in many cases you end up not plugging into the right port. With Bluetooth connectivity, there is no need for all this. You just turn the devices on and in minutes, you are connected.

    Since these devices do not use any cables to connect, it makes them much more durable. In many cases, you find that wires often wear out, cut or burn and this could damage the device significantly. A cut cable could also be a health hazard in a home, particularly where a child is concerned. All these are problems that you could never associate with wireless technology.

    Of course, there are certain disadvantages that these devices have. The chief problem associated with them is the issue of connectivity over long distances. Using cabled networks, printers that use cable can be used across floors and even buildings. On the other hand, any device that uses Bluetooth can only connect over short distances of a few meters.

    These printers are also slightly more expensive than the conventional ones. In most stores across America, printers that have Bluetooth are about thirty to fifty percent more expensive than similar printers with similar technology that do not have the wireless connectivity capability. For this reason, most people still go for the cabled versions since you save a lot of money.

    As with most things, there are several considerations to be made before purchasing these devices. Almost any computer shop in any city has a Bluetooth printer in stock. Just do your research and once you land on what you want, go ahead and purchase it.

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