• The Style And Elements Of Trendy Pergola Designs

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    The family is enjoying more of their time in the garden than they used to. To save money during a poor economic climate, they're also doing their entertaining from the home and require more areas to do so. This has made Pergola designs integral to the fashions of the day, as more home owners increase the potential their garden offers both practically and decoratively.

    The fashions in landscaping have been some of the most surprising elements of trends this year. The architecture of ancient Greece and Rome have become fashionable, while the addition of topiaries and the cutting back of overgrowth completely changes the appearance of the garden. This has altered the way pergolas appear today.

    Stone columns, manicured pathways and statues are important parts of the landscaping in today's fashions. Pergolas have, for centuries, been a way to decorate entrance ways, create privacy and increase the area for growth. More modern uses include their inclusion in outdoor spa and dining areas. Pergolas add the final touch without creating too harsh a separation from the garden. They're elegant features to add to barbecue areas too.

    Swimming pools have become more decorative than before. Elements of fire, rock and running water are all added to make the pool a seamless part of the landscaping. Pergolas are the necessary part of the poolside to complete the look while at the same time suiting the manicured landscaping.

    What makes pergolas so popular in today's trends is the fact that they don't block out the scenery or sunlight entirely. Climbing plants diffuse the light rather than block it and surroundings can still be seen through them. This lets the family socialize outside without feeling too separate from their gardens.

    Treated teak, cedar, pine and redwood are the most weather proof woods and thus best for pergolas. However, dark exotic wood has become outdated. Mid range and light woods like pine, cedar and redwood are all trendy.

    Contrasting dark and light hues are trendy for the indoors. This makes maximum light a crucial element of the interior decor. At the same time, energy efficiency is being achieved through the use of sunlight and thermal glass. It's thus not favored to use pergolas as diffusers of light shining inside.

    When pergolas are placed at the entrance of a house, their design allows maximum sunlight indoors. This means they don't have climbing plants. Trellises instead have detailing that suggests a rooftop.

    Introducing natural elements into the interior of the home is extremely fashionable. This is where pergolas truly excel. When covered in jasmine and other aromatic flowering plants, they introduce an element of nature to the indoors, lifting the mood of the home significantly.

    When pergola use is optimized, it's combined with careful decoration of garden paths, furnishings and water features. They don't have to be overly detailed. More modern Pergola designs use aluminium trellises together with roofs of fabric for a more contemporary aesthetic with a minimalist edge.

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