• Essential Advice On Refinishing Hardwood Floor Revealed


    If you are the proud owner of wooden floors then you must be aware that if you take care of them properly then they can last years but this is usually not the case for the finish. Bringing your floor to look new again in most instances will involve sanding it down so that you can take off the entire top layer, re-staining it then glossing it again. This process can only be performed a few times on wood so if you can avoid sanding the wood. Refinishing hardwood floor is an important process.

    If the layers on your floor are worn out but the screen looks like it is alright then you may opt to screen the floor. You do this by taking out the gloss on the wood and it is usually easy to do. This will ensure that you use the floors for years to come.

    You will need to acquire a floor buffer to do this job. You may opt to hire one to cut down the expenses. Fit it with the heaviest screening pad you have and start to buff the floors while running the machine along the grain of the boards. You should head towards all the edges and carefully scrape off the top layer and then screen it and vacuum it well.

    Take off the heavier buffer and then put on a medium one on the machine. Go over the floor again in the same manner you did the first time. This will remove the remaining gloss; finish off by vacuuming the area again.

    The medium buffer should then be removed at this point and replaced by an even lighter one for a much finer buff of the floors. You will then have to clean and vacuum the whole place. You will notice that the wood has become dull but this is because the gloss is gone. However the stain will still be there.

    The polyurethane should also be close by. This is so that you will not stop in the middle of the job because you realized you do not have it. You should pour it on the wooden floors and start only with those areas that are far away from the point of exit.

    The applicator should be put in the gloss, pull it rearwards and run it over the wooden boards. You should then go through the entire process a second time and take more care. Leave the area for about 8-10 hours to dry well.

    Wait until the gloss dries up and then buff it using fine sandpaper and do not use too much pressure. You will sand it until the gloss dulls up and the shine is reduced. Pass a vacuum over the whole area to clean it up. After vacuuming, apply a second coat of polyurethane in the same way as before and dry it up. Go over it again sanding it by hand and vacuum again.

    You will have to apply a third and final coat of polyurethane to ensure you have done a thorough job on the floors. Avoid all the places you have glossed for another 48 hours so that you do not step on it before it has set well and undo your work. You want your floors to shine like they were when they were new. The process of refinishing hardwood floor has now been revealed.

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