• Finding Information Regarding Parquet Flooring Refinishing Easily

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    You will benefit a lot if you effectively conduct a parquet flooring refinishing. To begin with, it is possible to restore the lost glamor in your wooden floor. The good that comes out of this type of floor results from the beauty exuded by the wood arrangement. When starting off, begin by removing the top layer. This prevents any form of staining.

    This is a splendid way to make sure that your shininess of the floor is retained. If restoring the floor is unknown to you, it is a good idea to hire an expert for the job. However, if you can be able to conduct the task on your own, you need to comprehend how this is done. This is to make sure the intricacy of the floor is maintained. The method you use while sanding is vital to achieving success.

    Parquet floors have a bit of complications even when it comes to professionals. This is because the grains of the wood are spread in all directions because of this intricate arrangement. You should first focus on replacing only the top coat. It is a good idea never to deep sand the floor until when you have adequate machinery. Make sure the machine you get can sand the floors in all grain directions at once.

    Make sure you are prepared for the job. Free the floor from obstructions. Before you decide to redo it, ensure that it has been cleaned well. You should remove all furniture from the room prior to beginning the task. In addition to that, remove the trim. Using a flat bar and a hammer should do this for you. Make sure you avoid cracking the trim.

    Make sure you go over the whole floor to make sure that there are no nails that are raised. This is because they may cause many obstructions. The floor should be cleaned well using lukewarm water. You may choose to use a little dish washing liquid. Be sure not to leave any standing water as it could destroy the floor.

    Begin sanding and remove the top layer of the gloss. Make sure to avoid sanding all the way into the grain. If you do not have an orbital sander, you could rent one. The reason you should use one is to have finer results. Begin by using a coarser sand paper then finish off by a finer one. This ensures that your floor remains smooth. After you are done, remove the dust with the vacuum cleaner. You will know you are done when the floor is dull and no visible gloss.

    When finishing, begin from the farthest room corner. Use a Lambs wool applicator to apply the polyurethane gloss. You can strip off the gloss along the wall and pull the applicator backwards. Make sure the coat is thin and even. Be careful to avoid any bubbles forming. After you have done this, let it dry for at least a day.

    When it is dry, hand buff the entire floor with very fine sandpaper. This is to ensure that the second coat sticks. Remove the dust and get going with the second coat. Repeat the same method and apply a third and final coat. This should not be sanded. Restore back the trim. After this, you are done with your parquet flooring refinishing.

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