• Sally

    Communication, Industrial Design


    This is a doll that represents child labor. It's touching the fact that children can be bought so easily in countries such as India and South East Asia and are held in bondage for sweatshop labor. The poster will be a product shot of the doll in real packaging

  • Does this design reflect a(n)...

    • well developed and easily understood concept?

    This proposal introduced original conceptual thinking which highlightes a pressing social issue. I was however seriously disappointed by the execution which did not match the potential of the concept to support the important communication message.

    Since the photographic image is blurry, I am not able to see exactly what the contents of the package are. It does however look as though the content under the heading “Daily food” looks like animal fodder which I found to be really disturbing and patronising even though I have had the unfortunate experience to visit some sweat shops in India and China in recent years. I am also not able to determine what the contents of the package is under the heading “Daily wages”.

    The central concept might be relevant but the execution blurs the messages, making it impossible to provide additional constructive commentary.

    • level of social engagement?

    As above.

    • understanding of the issues reflected in the poster?

    As above.

    • sense of internationalism and accessibility?

    As above.

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