• Does this design reflect a(n)...

    • well developed and easily understood concept?

    Your message is relevant but your execution does not match the topic that you intended to elucidate. The images of the three women that you portray in the poster are disjointed from your intended message because the three women all seem to be smiling which contradicts your text message.

    The graphics in the upper part of the poster (above the text) does not seem to have any meaning, and if it has, it remains unclear.

    • level of social engagement?


    • understanding of the issues reflected in the poster?


    • sense of internationalism and accessibility?

    Unsuccessful. Two of the three women that are prortrayed in your poster are obviously caucasion and the central figure, claded in a vail seems to elude to multiculturalism operates purely on a superficial level of visual styling rather than content.

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