• Ways For Methods For Using VGA To HDMI Cable For Connecting To Your TV And Computer

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    Computers transmit video using a Video Graphics Array (VGA). High definition televisions have digital signals. Thus, you need a VGA to HDMI cable to connect the two. The analog and digital need a converter to make them compatible. You can then watch movies that you stream from online on a much larger high definition television to make viewing more enjoyable.

    Some of the newer models of TVs and DVD players have a port for making digital connections. Electronic devices use a built in interface to connect to them. This includes cell phones and digital cameras. You just have to plug it in and use it for these devices. If there is no interface, it will require converter cables and adapters to connect. Analog signals are only video, however, so a separate audio cable is required to transmit the sound.

    Game play will be much more exciting to players when they can project their video games onto their super size flat screen TVs. Videos can be streamed from online and projected to the larger size as well. A whole room full of businessmen can have equal access to presentations that are projected to the larger screen as well. Families can view movies and videos without having to hover around a tiny computer screen.

    Other devices with video output can be connected to show on the large screen as well. This allows downloaded content, as well as family videos made, to be shown in a manner that the whole family can enjoy it. It is possible to share content from iPads, cellphones, and camcorders with a whole group without having to gather around and struggle to see it all on a screen of only a few inches.

    Before you go decide to spend money and time on making this type connection, check your computer to see if it can be connected to a TV. Check the listed connections to see if any are there that can connect to your high definition television.

    To check and see if there are possible connections for using your computer with a TV as monitor right click on your desktop, click on settings, then advanced. Check under options for any that pertain to using a TV display. If there are not connections listed, you will not be able to connect. Checking prior to buying the cables will save you money and frustration.

    You also need to check your television for possible connections. They are normally labelled, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and S-Video. If connections are the same on both the computer and the television, you just connect from one port to the others. If there are not any common connections, you will have to use a converter to change the signal to be compatible.

    When you want to send the signal from your computer to your television, using it as a larger monitor, you may need to connect using VGA to HDMI cable. This allows better viewing, especially for a group who want to view the video content from you computer, but cannot all get around close enough to see it well.

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