• Facts On The Land Rover Adelaide Residents Would Wish To Know


    Many people do not know about the history of the [Land Rover in Adelaide] (http://www.peterjamesmotors.com.au/articles/looking-for-a-land-rover-in-adelaide.aspx) residents included. The first model was produced in 1947 and unveiled the following year. It immediately became a popular choice as a multipurpose vehicle because of the four-wheel-drive design that enabled it to travel through the most difficult of terrains. Many models have been developed ever since.

    This multibillion car manufacturer was sold to the Indian based Tata motors in 2008. The group has also invested heavily in other companies in the industry. Since the first models other designs have also been met with great success. They include Range Rover Sport, the Range Rover, Discovery, Freelander and Defender. There is on-going research to improve on the current designs as well as create new ones due to the existing competition in the market.

    In the early years the greatest demand for the vehicles came from various military forces all over the world. This was because they were very efficient in the battlefield. They were fitted with weaponry such as machine guns and aides such as sun compasses. They had large fuel tanks that could last very long. Fifty years on, they are still greatly utilized, as the weaponry has changed, so has their designs. Modern designs are fitted with assorted modern weaponry.

    They have many other uses unrelated to war. These include uses as ambulances, excavators, hydraulic platforms, and for fire engines among others. They are also entering the entertainment industry through their use in various car races such as the Dakar rally and the G4 challenge.

    They are relatively safe to drive. It has been established that the risk of getting involved in road traffic accidents is much lower compared to any other vehicle. In order to enhance safety, the company has road safety programs running in various countries. The exercise has been referred to as the Land Rover Experience and has been running for more than 10 years.

    New models from the company have been greatly improved as far as the comfort of the user is concerned. The Discovery 4 GS for example has an expanded seating capacity than can comfortably accommodate seven adults. Other features include terrain response program that aids in navigation, automatic climate control, and digital audio broadcasting radio and Bluetooth telephone connectivity. The engine has also been made more powerful.

    Another new entrant into the market is The Range Rover Sport SE. Buyers of this model have a chance to choose metallic exterior designs in line with their preferences. There are fancy Xenon lamps fitted as headlamps. The communication and audio systems are also advanced like in the Discovery 4 GS. All these designs are targeting the spender who wants luxury rather than performance.

    Another prospect in Land Rover Adelaide residents are likely to be intrigued by is the possibility of incorporating electric powered engines in future car models. The technology to be used will enable vehicles to move without their engines being started. It will also provide extra power in the rough terrains. It is a prospect that is being eagerly awaited by technology enthusiasts.

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