• "We the people"

    Education, Environmental Design

    Aren’t “We the people” just like those water bubbles formed by raindrops strikes the stream; which we can call life, like every person forms a bubble around him/her of particular individuality restraining a life learning interaction and don’t collide with others around them in stream on their way because if they will, it will lose their so perceived identity or conditions in which they have and their ancestors lived through all of their lives, they are not concerned to others even to themselves, so here’s no possibility of learning from people and growth with pain.

    "Struggle is the law of growth; character is built in the storm and stress of the world; and a man reaches his full height only through compulsions, responsibilities, and suffering"

    “Knowledge” is suppressed by the hype of education, its great worthless load of degrees, diplomas & education that is hanging on our heads which tend us to waste mostly 16 years of our great life all in the name of getting knowledge and frankly telling you, it’s never achieved! At least not in Pakistan where people after their 16 years of education don’t give a damn about throwing trash in the dustbin! Not living even a single day for their nation yes! it’s against their “being-cool mentality” because they don’t their land, being patriotic here is called as “Yar tu mulk ko dil pe le gayi hai”.

    We don’t even have our own way, we just flow as the stream flows and take us with it because this is what we want; opting an easy way out , as we don’t realize what we are doing and where we are going, each bubble carries on it not the impression of rainbow colors but labels of doctor, engineer, business graduates, and at the end it turns more into sewage than rain stream …................. hence finally this fast stream of sewage + rainwater carries us down to the shitty depth of drain, ultimately blowing all the bubbles, where we stand still rotting and regretting what we have done to us and realizing the need of blowing our bubbles, this stage comes at around the age of 50, and then it’s too late to be in that stream again, to be in youth again with all those passions where we would have interacted with others, be into heated debates and discussions , experiencing pain and happiness and we miss that free will to make our own way not allowing the dirty waters to carry us with them in the flow but to form our own way for generations to follow , to pleasurably move through , to enjoy life and people.

    May be I am maniac and it’s a piece of crap but it seems so true and if it’s so, then why do get education for? I mean seriously, have we ever thought about it?

    Why do we invest our whole youth for getting soaked in academics? For being ignorant? Isn’t knowledge enough to live with? I thought we get education for the discrimination of right and wrong!

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