• Somalis on the Iraqi War

    Poverty, Environmental Design

    Somalia, a black skinny dude in a dark dirty pair of shorts running down an empty road carrying a loaded AK47 and turning left. Did he turn left because he wants to hide from the American army? Or is he going to find the Americans? To ask them to save him or to surrender and taste the slavery defeat? Or to kiss an American with a hot bullet wrapped with love but also with guilt, because it’s not his gun and it’s not his war and he does not know who’s his commanding officer is? Did you read or did you see? Did you eat or were you fed? Did hunger make you walk? Was it hunger made them choose war? Believe in god? Now who’s better looking? Me, you or god? Or the black skinny dude with the AK47? Is it true when you say you fight for your country? In the name of your motherland in the name of your blood? And you are ready to fall to million pieces when the high explosive reaches orgasm? What are we fighting for? To see who got the better guns? Or to see who is the better fool? Or who is getting the pretty girl at the bar? But that’s only if you kill all your enemy but only when your enemy kills all your friends, fair enough deal? Is the black skinny dude running to the bar? Did you build your spaceship to go to Mars? Did you paint it in the colour you like? Or did it paint it in the colour your love like? Has it got the flag? Question, which flag is it? Is it of the country you were born? Is it of the country your mother was born or your father? Or is it of the country your commanding officer was born? Are you lost? Is it because you don’t know the answer? Or you don’t know who your commanding officer is? Are you lost in a maze? Do you think it’s a maze made for you? I don’t, because you are not important, and you know, we all get lost in them. You get lost because you forget the road you came in? Or you got confused when you looked back? Remember to remember you steps but remember to remember only the proper steps but also remember to remember the wrong steps and remember that you remember your wrong steps. Will the black skinny dude fall because he can’t remember the wrong steps? Or maybe he slipped. No, water is not the reason because they are in Somalia. Or are then in Iraq because they are fighting someone else’s greedy war? Shall we fight in a virtual world? With unreal guns and fake bullets? Maybe fiber optics will link us or dial ups will slow our war down. For how long do you want to fight? Do you want to fight till you’re tired? Or till I am? Will I stop when you are tired? Or will you stop when I am? Will the sun rise on the following day? Will the moon light up the night sky and the stars show us the path? Path to? Freedom or new guns? Will we see them? Or will we be too busy fighting? Will we star gaze like lovers? I don’t know because I have never seen you. Maybe my enemy is like what Adam ate or maybe it’s a he? If it is no star gaze! Will the American punch the Somali? Will the Iraqi join? Somalia or America? Do they want to look white and use paper in the mornings or dust, dirt and orders from others? Stop bullshiting, save the world! Make the word a better place! GAME OVER!

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