• Teleportation

    Education, Industrial Design

    Imagine a solid object. Our objective is to teleport this object from point A to point B. First look deep inside the object then you can see its atoms. Every atom is closely bonded with another atom. Make a 3D template of the object and mark every atom with a unique reference number. Electronically mark each atom of the object with the same unique reference number. Each reference number should have 3 unique reference points. This is used to represent height, length and width (eg - “H1L1W1” “H1L1W2”) Meaning height =1, Length =1, Width =1 or height =1, Length= 1, Width =2) Chemically break the bonds between the atoms. So the object will disintegrate. And store every atom separately. So now what you see is electronically numbered atoms which are not bonded with any other atom. Just free atoms. Imagine the way how atoms work inside "atom smashers" or particle accelerators. Use the same technology to send atoms from point A to point B. Insert atom “H1L1W1” to the atom smasher. (Inserting point is point A and end point is point B) and accelerate the atom till it reaches point B. In end point (i.e. point B) there will be 2 compartments. “Receiving” and “Object” Atom H1L1W1 will first land in the receiving compartment and then it will be moved to the “Object” compartment. Then insert atom H1L1W2 to the atom smasher and accelerate it till it reaches point B. Now point B’s “Receiving” compartment is holding atom H1L1W2 and “Object” compartment is holding atom H1L1W1. Move atom H1L1W2 from “Receiving” to “Object” compartment. And make them bond chemically. Repeat the process for every atom and keep a closer look when choosing what atom to be sent and where to be bonded. After sending all the atoms from point A to point B and chemically bonding every atom to the correct place according to the made 3D template the object which we want teleport from A to B will be there in the “Object” compartment at point B. Nirmal Herath

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