• The 10 most common mistakes in logo design.

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    With the Internet brings high visibility and volume of information present on the network, it is important that your company stand out against the other and this will happen by the recognition of your logo, your business card. In this paper we will discuss the 10 common mistakes in creating logos for companies.

    Be designed by an amateur

    The first big mistake when creating the logo of your business or product is to hire an amateur to carry out this service. It is quite possible for him to make some if not all the errors listed below.

    A company must give due weight to represent its brand, it starts with the choice of its facilities, uniforms, commercial position and should go to your logo.

    Working in Plastika Studio Design for years, we see that this is far from the path followed by most entrepreneurs.

    The most common choice of which lead to an amateur to create your logo are:

    • Quickly produce a logo to save money and time.
    • A friend or friend's friend says lead way with "stuff."
    • Solve everything quickly in a graphical copier.
    • Ease of buying a logo on the internet already "developed."

    If the businessman walking by any one of these points listed above will see a disastrous result. If your logo looks amateur or immature, is also apparent that your company image. Here are some advantages of hiring a professional service in creating the corporate identity of your company.

    • Create a unique and memorable.
    • Will have no problem playing it.
    • Longevity of your logo will be much higher.
    • Your logo will have a professional look.

    Use of style trends

    This happens a lot with people who just technically dominate the software and has no creative ground.

    Your logo should be timeless, that does not mean that it will use its brand for about 70 years, but it is believed that their brand should be seen in 10 years and not be branded as tacky.

    Avoid trends because they are heavily used and saturated. In the logo creation is expected by a faithful representation of your company with the personality of your company.

    Use flattened images

    This is a very common technical problem. The inability to copy software or even third-party graphics compel the production of flat or raster image, which can not be resized without losing quality. So you end up with only an illustration of your logo that can not be applied in a uniform, for example.

    No need to be trained to identify on a visit to a company logo on the card does not match the views of the board signage.

    The lack of continuity in the corporate identity reflects the company's lack of planning for it requires a manual reproduction of the logo, as well as source files present in the arts visual identity.

    The main advantages of creating logos have source files for reproduction of the mark:

    Resizing the art without losing quality. Edit the logo for any changes or redesign becomes much easier. The possibility to adapt your logo to other media.

    Graphics from Image Bank

    Many of the images on the Internet are free but uses them as part of your logo is not allowed.

    You may be copyrighted predicament, you can not register the logo as it is not an original work.

    When a professional or firm that specializes in creating logos develops a work, it must be unique, original and must be licensed exclusively to the client.

    Create for yourself

    Logo is not tattoo! It should not be done for you.

    The logo should be developed for its customers. Should not respond to the wishes of the owner or designer. Nothing trademark of the artist or something.

    High Complexity

    This has to do with the relationship between complexity and size.

    Often brands are full of little details that the client requires that you have, because it represents one thing or another, but when placed in a small size the logo becomes just a stain. There will be any message you want to spend the logo. Farewell, stars, charms, earrings and pendants.

    For logo creation the design should take into account that the simplicity and objectivity of the brand. It should suit most people and work in all media possible.

    Remember that when you approve your logo.

    Relying on contrasted colors.

    The designer must work logitpo initially in a monochrome or black and white because the colors should not affect the development of the logo.

    This should be taking into account even in the process of the company. Sometime in developing the logo must be approved by the client in black and white, to make sure that it is the way you like, regardless of color.

    Often a good logo is not approved by the client not to sympathize with the color shown.


    The choice of a type or font used in the logo is critical to the success of the brand.

    A bad choice can make your logo into a disaster. It is important that the professional has studied the concepts of source categories, but the fundamantal is that just as the whole, the parts of a logo should express the essence or concept of your company.

    Carnival of the Types

    The choice of font or even the creation of unique types for your logo is a very important part in the development of a company logo.

    In addition to err in the choice of sources poor or not at all represent the client company, often used is a number greater than the required types of sources in making the logo.

    In practice we found that two types of sources are needed for more than tipía of your logo.

    Logo with a circulation of at least 1000.

    His company is equal to the other? same address? same people, same services? the answer is always NO.

    If you find a logo identical to yours, your logo will not work as it should be the real expression of your unique business. For each repeated once there is a flawed work.

    Think about it, your brand values ​​requires a professional and quality work.

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