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    Hey! Sorry it has taken me so long to get feedback to you - for some reason your project wasn't listed in the invitation I originally received from Parsons. Anyway, here I am, and I'm happy to respond to your fun project...

    It's refreshing to read something that addresses "we" versus "me"; and I agree with you about the individualism and disconnection from community we feel as a result of behaviors that have grown out of consumer electronic designs. Podditties, as intervention, and Podditties, as tool to support spontaneous placemaking, are very appealing ideas. I think it could be quite easily implemented as well. You've clearly thought this through.

    It allows for delight among listeners and discovery of new sounds, too. The metaphor of the symphony is nice, tying into music of course but also reminding individuals that beautiful music is often made even more beautiful when a community of people come together and share their talents, passions and personal creativity.

    Thanks for considering the technical requirements. Try to also think of cost and how you might get this prototyped somewhere soon. Good luck!


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